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More homestays available than the ones you can check on our website.

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Lyon 2, rue Sainte Hélène, Family B.

Meet Family B. at the city center of Lyon ! Ideally located, the family lives...

18 Rue Sainte-Hélène, Lyon, France, 2nd district

Lyon 2, Rue Franklin, Family A de V

Anne, 56 is a single mother and a volunteer in various charities. She has 4...

Rue Franklin, Lyon, France, 2nd district

Vaulx-en-Velin, Allée des Robiniers, Family P

Serge is 38 years old chief purser at HOP! AirFrance and Isabelle, who is French...

Allée des Robiniers, Vaulx-en-Velin, France, Vaulx-en-Velin

From20**/Per month



Christophe 53, and Sylvie, 51, are married. They have 2 children one is living home,...

Rue d'Alsace, Villeurbanne, France, Villeurbanne

From24**/Per month


Lyon 5, rue du Dr Albéric Pont, Family P.

Family P. is passionate about drama, acting, literature, travelling and cultural activities. The host mother...

Rue du Dr Albéric Pont, Lyon, France, 5th district

Lyon 3, Rue Baraban, Family D

Gurvan and Sandrine are married and have 2 children, one born in 2004, the other...

Rue Baraban, Lyon, France, 3rd district

From20**/Per month


Lyon 5, Rue de l’oiseau blanc, Family H

Cyrille is a 53 years old foreign relation manager at SFR & his wife Aude...

Rue de l'Oiseau Blanc, Lyon, France, 5th district

From24**/Per month


Lyon 5, Montée de Choulans, Famille F

Family F. is a couple with two young children. They live in a cute little...

Montée de Choulans, Lyon, France, 5th district

From20**/Per month


Lyon 2, cours Charlemagne, Family S.

Meet family S., a very welcoming single mother who is full of energy ! Family...

Cours Charlemagne, Lyon, France, 2nd district

Lyon 9, Quai Pierre SCIZE, Family B

Cyril is a 45 years old company manager and his wife Céline is a 45...

Quai de Pierre-Scize, Lyon, France, 9th district

From20**/Per month