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Note that more homestays are available than the ones you can see here.

More homestays available than the ones you can check on our website.

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Lyon 1e, Quai Saint Vincent, Family L.

The host family: Sandrine and Paul-Etienne are a married couple with four children: two of...

Quai Saint-Vincent, Lyon, France, 1st district

Lyon 2, Cours de Verdun, Family N.V.

Bruno (60) is an Accountant, Isabelle (58) is a nurse. Family N.V is a married...

Cours de Verdun Perrache, Lyon, France, 2nd district

Lyon 5, Montée de Choulans, Famille F

Family F. is a couple with two young children. They live in a house with...

Montée de Choulans, Lyon, France, 5th district

Lyon 1, Rue de la Fromagerie, Family F

Alain (64) is a physiotherapist-osteopath and his wife, Sophie, 59, is a nurse. They are...

Rue de la Fromagerie, Lyon, France, 1st district

Caluire et Cuire, Chemin de Pied Chardon, Family C.

Philippe and Anna are in their 50's, they live in the peaceful suburb of Caluire-et-Cuire....

Chemin de Pied Chardon, Caluire-et-Cuire, France, Caluire-et-Cuire district

Lyon 2, Quai Jules Courmont, Family du J.

Olivier (79) is a retired gentleman living in the 2nd district of Lyon. He lives...

Quai Jules Courmont, Lyon, France, 2nd district


Family L is a married couple with 5 children, only 2 still live at home....

Avenue Maréchal de Saxe, Lyon, France, 6th district

Bron, Rue des Guillandes, Family V

Jean Yves (54) is a dentist and his wife Sandrine (49) is a car rental...

Rue des Guillandes, Bron, France, Bron district

Lyon 5, Old Town, rue Tramassac, Family L.

Family L. is a welcoming family with a cute cat! They are interested in reading...

Rue Tramassac, Lyon, France, 5th district

Lyon 3, Avenue Georges Pompidou, Family C.

Bernard is a friendly and welcoming retired gentleman. He has one son who no longer...

Avenue Georges Pompidou, Lyon, France, 3rd district