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Note that more homestays are available than the ones you can see here.

More homestays available than the ones you can check on our website.

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Lyon 3, rue Gabillot, Family M.

Family M. is a married couple living with one of their children and their 3...

Rue Gabillot, Lyon, France, 3rd district

Lyon 1, rue d’Algérie, Family R

Françoise is a retired, widowed woman. She has 3 children who do not live home....

Rue d'Algérie, Lyon, France, 1st district

Lyon 2, rue des Castries, Family D G

Charles, 39, is the Director of a plumbing company and Diana, 34, is an Administrative...

Rue de Castries, Lyon, France, 2nd district

Lyon 2, Rue Franklin, Family A de V

Anne (56) is a single mother and a volunteer in various charities. She has 4...

Rue Franklin, Lyon, France, 2nd district

Lyon 5, rue de l’Oiseau Blanc, family H

Cyrille is 54 works for a mobile phone company, Aude, 51, works for University Lyon...

Rue de l'Oiseau Blanc, Lyon, France, 5th district

Lyon 6, Avenue Maréchal Foch, Family N.

Benoit, 42, is a Director, and Hélène, 43, a Podiatrist. They are married and have...

Avenue Maréchal Foch, Lyon, France, 6th district

Lyon 3, Rue de Bonnel, Family F. T.

Meet Françoise (60), a single mother full of energy ! She has 5 children who...

Rue de Bonnel, Lyon, France, 3rd district

Lyon 5, Rue du Boeuf, Family M.

Farida is a single mother who teaches English to secondary school students. She has been...

Rue du Bœuf, France, 5th district

Lyon 7, rue Béchevelin, Family B S

Sandrine, 50 years old, is a Management Assistant. She is a widow and has a...

Rue Bechevelin, Lyon, France, 7th district


Christian (44) is a Salesman and Sabine (48) is an Administrative and Financial Director. They...

Chemin du Vallombrey, Ecully, Ecully