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Note that more homestays are available than the ones you can see here.

More homestays available than the ones you can check on our website.

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Lyon 5, Rue des Tourelles, Family M.

Family M. is a single mother; she has three children but only her 20 year...

Rue des Tourelles, Lyon, France, 5th district

Collonges au Mont d’Or, Quai de la Libération, Family D.

Meet family D., a nice married couple with their two kids ! They enjoy visiting...

2 Quai de la Libération, Collonges-au-Mont-d'Or, France, Collonges au Mont d'Or

From22**/Per month


Lyon 3, Avenue de Saxe, Family V.

Jean-Noël is an engineer and Marie-Hélène is a sales representative. They have been welcoming international...

Avenue Maréchal de Saxe, 69003 Lyon, France, 3rd district

From20**/Per month


Lyon 7, Avenue Leclerc, Léna

Lena is a 33 years old journalist. She has a 3 years old daughter. She...

Avenue Leclerc, Lyon, France, 7th district

From20**/Per month


Lyon 1, rue Grobon, family J

Family J. is a stylish modern family living in the heart of Lyon, one street...

Rue Grobon, Lyon, France, 1st district

Lyon 4, rue Pailleron, Family D.

Family D. is a married couple with two children who don't live at home anymore....

Rue Pailleron, Lyon, France, 4th district

Villeurbanne, Rue Francis de Préssensé, Family P

Jacques is 63 years old, he is retired. He used to be an informatician and...

Rue Francis de Pressensé, Villeurbanne, France, Villeurbanne

From20**/Per month


Lyon 2, Quai Maréchal Joffre, Family D.P.

Pierre is a 52 years old entrepreneur & his wife Laure is a 51 years...

Quai Maréchal Joffre, Lyon, France, 2nd district

Tassin-la-Demi-Lune, Avenue Charles de Gaulle, Famille L

Family L. is a married couple with two sons. Only one of them still lives...

Avenue Charles de Gaulle, Tassin-la-Demi-Lune, France, Tassin-la-Demi-Lune district

From20**/Per month



Meet energetic family D., a married couple with 2 kids, living in a well decorated...

Rue Anatole France, Vénissieux, France, Vénissieux district