Charbonières-les-bains, Rue de Paris, Famille DM

Route de Paris, Charbonnière-les-bains

  • Public transportation stop nearby

  • Smoking not allowed

  • Meals with the family

  • Wifi available


Family D.M. lives in a very beautiful house on the outskirt of Lyon with a big garden and a swimming pool.

They have a very big family both having had several children in their first marriage.

They now have one daughter and one son still living at home. The mother is a housewife and the father is a bank audit. If you are looking at living in Lyon close to the nature this is the perfect place for you.

There are couple of bus stops close by and also a train station (which brings you to the city center in 20min).

This family enjoys long walks in the countryside, swimming, board games, music from the 80s/90s, economics and historical topics, museums, going to the flea market, cooking and soccer.

This family is looking forward to spending lots of time with its students and prefers a formula with a couple of meals per week.

For reasons of confidentiality, we cannot publish pictures of the family and the housefront. If you are interested by the family, we can send  you photos once the contact established. 

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