Villeurbanne, Rue Léon Blum, Family D

Rue Léon Blum, Villeurbanne district

  • Public transportation stop nearby

  • Restaurant nearby

  • Wifi available


Luc is a 32 years old product manager in the tourism sector.

He lives in a 73m² apartment including 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, a large livingroom/diningroom, a kitchen and a balcony. The residence is peaceful.

2 rooms can be rent.

The host will have a bedroom with a desk (with drawers), a cupboard, a nightstand with a lamp.

The bathroom will be shared.

Welcoming and smiling, Luc enjoys visiting/discovering, cooking & gastronomy, doing sports and nature outings.

With or without meals, the choice is yours!

The wifi is available throughout the apartment.

Public transports nearby : Cussey Subway station 6 minutes walk from the apartment. The subway takes 20 minutes to reach Bellecour. C3 or C4 buses down the flat.

Open to all profiles, as he travels a lot he knows how to welcome and host students.


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