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Lyon 1, Rue de la Fromagerie, Family F

Alain is a 64 years old physiotherapist-osteopath and his wife, Sophie, is a 59 years...

Rue de la Fromagerie, Lyon, France, 1st district

Lyon 1, rue Grobon, family J

Family J. is a stylish modern family living in the heart of Lyon, one street...

Rue Grobon, Lyon, France, 1st district

Lyon 1er, Quai Saint-Vincent – close to La Fresque Des Canuts, Family T.

Madame T. is a very dynamic woman working as a journalist, she enjoys a lot...

Quai Saint-Vincent, 69001 Lyon, France, 1st district

Lyon 2, Cours de Verdun, Family N.V.

Bruno is 60 years old, he is an accountant, Isabelle is 58 years old she...

Cours de Verdun Perrache, Lyon, France, 2nd district

Lyon 2, Quai Joffre, Family D

Pierre, legal adviser is 58, Sophie, 54 runs a relocation agency in Lyon. They are...

Quai Maréchal Joffre, Lyon, France, 2nd district