Lyon 3, Rue de Bonnel, Family F. T.

Rue de Bonnel, 3rd district

  • Public transportation stop nearby

  • Smoking not allowed

  • Wifi available


Meet Françoise, a 60 years old single mother full of energy !

She has 5 children who do not live with here anymore, they are all married.

Therefore she is happy to welcome international students and she has 3 rooms to rent.

Françoise sings in a choir, she likes to hike, ski, goes to church, cooks, likes museums and paintings.

She lives in a big flat, with 6 bedrooms and private bathrooms for each rooms.

She lives next to the banks of the Rhone river.

Wifi available throughout the flat, no pets.

 She prefers when her hosts share meals with her, at least 3 meals / week.

She is open to short stays (less than a month) and long stays.

Public transports nearby :

Part Dieu train station 5 minutes away, where many buses, subway and tramway lines are accessible.

For reasons of confidentiality, we cannot publish pictures of the family and the house front. If you are interested by the family, we can send you photos once the contact established. 

About 3rd district

The 3rd district of Lyon is distinguished by its closeness to the Berges du Rhône. One part is very close to the train station de la Part Dieu and of the shopping centre. The part close to the Rhône has a pleasant atmosphere and the streets are large and tree-lined and near the Berges du Rhône where walking is enjoyable. The part closest to Part Dieu is more anonymous since it has several office buildings. You will recognize la Part-Dieu by the tower which dominates the city and is referred to as the “pencil” (le crayon) due to its shape. You will also find there main city library and the auditorium. Check our other rooms in 3rd district