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The 6th district of Lyon is the heart of Lyon with its park and zoo. It is often described as the most elegant district with its large avenues (Boulevard des Belges, Rue Duquesne, Avenue Foch…) lined with lovely buildings and renovated private residences with a view of the Parc of the Tête d’Or. It is also a commercial area principally near the Cours Vitton. The Cité Internationale at the edge of the Rhône is a very modern area and the architect who designed it is Renzo Piano. Here, you can find appartments, the Museum of Modern Art of Lyon, hotels, conference rooms and Interpol.

Lyon 6, Boulevard des Belges, Family CH-P

Arnaud, 55 years old, and Anne Laure 51 are married. Arnaud works in the publishing...

Boulevard des Belges, Lyon, France, 6th district

Lyon 6, Rue Bossuet, Marie Laure

Marie Laure lives in the 6th district of Lyon in a warm apartment near the...

Rue Bossuet, Lyon, France, 6th district


Cyrielle is 28, she lives by herself in a nice flat just across Part Dieu...

Boulevard des Brotteaux, Lyon, France, 6th district

Lyon 6, rue Tête d’Or, Colette M.

Rue Tête d'Or, Lyon, France, 6th district

Lyon 6e, Avenue Foch, Family B

Mrs B is a single woman with 4 children who do not live at home...

Avenue Maréchal Foch, Lyon, France, 6th district