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All the families you find on our website have been visited and selected for the quality of their home and heart.

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Our prices

Room with access to the kitchen 630€/month
Bed and Breakfast with access to the kitchen 690€/month
Bed and breakfast + 3 dinners/week with the family 795€/month
Bed and breakfast + 5 dinners/week with the family 850€/month
Bed and breakfast + 7 dinners/week with the family 910€/month

Some good reasons to choose a homestay

Experience the French way of life, live in the city center, permanent follow-up of your stay.

Quick and Easy to organize

Once you decide to live with a host family in Lyon, we can find you accommodation in a couple of days.  The process is quick and easy to organize. You will not need a French guarantor or leave a security-deposit which is often required in France. You will only need to send us back by e-mail your housing questionnaire + a couple of pictures of yourself.

Enjoy a French family life

A homestay is a very good way …To meet French people and families, To make significant progress in the French language, To adapt and understand better the French culture and lifestyleIt is also a good way for you not to feel alone while you are away from home. Do not worry, you can still be highly independent and live the way you want your life in Lyon (no curfew!).

Facebook group and events

Expat Agency Lyon runs a Facebook group for students in Lyon staying with our host families. It is a good way for them to communicate and meet if they wish. Expat Agency Lyon organizes each semester a get-together with the students so that they can get to know each other.

Get started with a Homestay in Lyon

You can either register through the rooms you find on our website, or contact us directly if you prefer.

  • 1Pick an available family or contact us directly
  • 2Fill-in the housing questionnaire
  • 3We contact you back by e-mail
  • 4Pay for a 65 euros deposit by a paypal link we send you by e-mail (refunded if you do not find a suitable homestay)
  • 5Your home search begins

About us

We offer family homestay services for international visitors in Lyon (students, interns, groups, senior citizens….). We provide accommodation in host families, a good solution for your housing in Lyon. Homestay is an easy and nice way to discover Lyon, find accommodation and profit by a French family. Being a host paying guest will allow you to know France better and improve your French!

It can be organized in a few days and you won’t have to provide a French guarantor, nor leave a deposit which is often required in France. Furthermore, our agency, Expat Agency Lyon will remain your contact in Lyon before your arrival, and throughout your stay. From one week to several months, with or without meals with the family.

We will make you like Lyon!