Lyon 9, Quai Pierre SCIZE, Family B

Quai de Pierre-Scize, 9th district

20 /night/person
  • Public transportation stop nearby

  • Restaurant nearby

  • Smoking not allowed

  • Meals with the family

  • Wifi available


Cyril is a 45 years old company manager and his wife Céline is a 45 years old teacher.

They have 3 children : One studying in Paris, who comes back home occasionally on week ends, and the other two, 18 & 17 years old, are students who do live at home.

They also have 1 small dog.

They live in a townhouse which has a small garden located nearby the Quai de Saône.

The residence is calm and safe in a peaceful neighborhood.

The house is divided into 4 floors :

  • The ground floor with the entrance, the cave & the utility room.
  • The first floor with the living room, the kitchen, an access to the garden and toilets.
  • The second floor with 3 rooms, 1 bathroom and toilets.
  • The Third floor with the parental suite (including a terrace)

They enjoy going to the cinema, travelling and are they are practicing volleyball, rugby and skateboarding.

The wifi is available throughout the house.

The host will have a room including a bed, a desk, many shelves & a cupboard.

The bathroom will be shared with the couple’s children.

Ideally a B&B formula, but one with an access to the kitchen is also possible.

Public transports : Buses and Subways are available nearby ; you can reach Bellecour in about 15 minutes. You can walk easily to the city center in 10 minutes.

About 9th district

The 9th district of Lyon is situated in the area called Vaise. This is the most eccentric neighborhood of Lyon and it has more of a working-class atmosphere. You can find the International Private University here. Again, Line D links to the downtown easily by subway. Check our other rooms in 9th district

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