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Note that more homestays are available than the ones you can see here.

More homestays available than the ones you can check on our website.

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Caluire, Montée des Soldats, Family B.

Catherine and Gilles are a married couple in their 60's. They have 2 children, and...

Montée des Soldats, Caluire-et-Cuire, France, Caluire-et-Cuire

Lyon 5, quai Pierre Scize, Family A.

Jean-François will be happy to welcome you in his nice flat in the city center...

Quai de Pierre-Scize, Lyon, France, 5th district

Lyon 7, Rue Garibaldi, Family B

Dominique is 50, she works as an administrative assistant and is divorced. She has 2...

310 Rue Garibaldi, Lyon, France, 7th district

Lyon 1, rue Grobon, family J

Family J. is a stylish modern family living in the heart of Lyon, one street...

Rue Grobon, Lyon, France, 1st district

Villeurbanne, rue du Tonkin, Family D.

Family D. is a married couple with three of their kids currently living in the...

Rue du Tonkin, Villeurbanne, France, Villeurbanne district

Villeurbanne, Rue Léon Blum, Family D

Luc is a 32 years old product manager in the tourism sector. He lives in...

Rue Léon Blum, Villeurbanne, France, Villeurbanne district

Lyon 5, Rue du Docteur Edmond Locard, Family L.

Family L. lives in a cosy apartment in the 5th district in a residential &...

Rue du Dr Edmond Locard Lyon , 5th district

Lyon 2, Quai Joffre, Family D

Pierre, legal adviser is 51, Sophie, 47 runs a relocation agency in Lyon. They are...

Quai Maréchal Joffre, Lyon, France, 2nd district

Ecully, chemin Louis Chirpaz, Family C-B

Dominique is a woman in her 50's, she is a nurse. She is divorced, she...

Chemin Louis Chirpaz, Écully, France, Ecully

Villeurbanne, cours Emile Zola, Family S.

Sarah is a dynamic young woman running her  own well-being company. She lives in a 3...

Cours Emile Zola, Villeurbanne, France, Villeurbanne district