Lyon 5, Rue Commandant Charcot, Famille C

Rue Commandant Charcot, 5th district

20 /night/person

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  • Public transportation stop nearby

  • Smoking not allowed

  • Meals with the family

  • Wifi available


Family C. is a married couple with three daughters , two of whom still live at home.
The father is a computer engineer & the mother is a counselor in human resources.
They live in a cosy apartment in 5th district, in a very residential area with lots of families.
They enjoy going to the cinema, reading, going to the museum, and to exhibitions, and have an interest in all kind of music (they play the piano and the harp). They are also quite sporty : swimming, running and hiking are among their favorite outdoor activities.
They enjoy sharing many meals and time with their host.



About 5th district

The 5th district of Lyon represents the historical part of the city with its distinct neighborhoods such as Saint-Jean and its cathedral, Saint Paul and Saint Georges which are categorized as ‘Old city’, Saint Just, Fourvière and the Basilica which dominates and protects the city. There are still several traces of the city’s roman past, in particular the Gallo-Roman theatre. This area is very touristy and possesses an Italian renaissance feel with its passageways. It can be a very pleasant lifestyle as long as you do not mind animated nightlife or using stairs regularly as not many elevators exist in the buildings here. Also, it is easier not to have a car as parking is difficult. Check our other rooms in 5th district