Ste Foy, Chemin de Montray, Family M

Chemin de Montray, Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon

20 /night/person
  • Public transportation stop nearby

  • Restaurant nearby

  • Smoking not allowed

  • Wifi available


François is a 57 years old informatician and his wife Emmanuelle is a 53 years old nursing auxilary.

They have 5 children aged 31, 30, 27, 22, 20 years old ; only the last two live at home.

They also have a cat.

They live in a house with a garden outside Lyon, in a peaceful neighborhood.

However you can easily reach Bellecour (20 minutes from the house).

The host bedroom is on the 2nd floor, including a desk (+chair), a cupboard and shelves.

The bathroom will be shared.

They enjoy music, sports, cooking, going to the cinema and practicing yoga.

There is also a piano in the house.

The wifi is available throughout the house.

The family prefers independent students and do not offer meals.

You can have access to the kitchen.

The family often welcomes other international students.

Public transports nearby : the bus C19 passes in front of the house from where you can reach PERRACHE in 15 minutes.

From PERRACHE you can take the subway (& reach BELLECOUR in 5 minutes)

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