Caluire, Rue Val d’Isère, Family P.

Rue du Val d'Isère, Caluire-et-Cuire

20 /night/person
  • Public transportation stop nearby

  • Smoking not allowed

  • Wifi available


Family P. is a married couple with 2 kids; only one still lives at home.

They live in the nice disctrict of Caluire et Cuire, in a charming house with a beautiful garden including a patio and a hammock to enjoy the sun !

The mother, Claire, teaches French to international students, which is a great advantage to communicate with her and the family !

Family P. loves to go to the cinema, to the theater, to play basketball, soccer and go running and biking together ! one of their biggest pleasure is to host and spend time with their friends.

The house has a open-plan kitchen, and an independent room in the garden with a double bed, a shelf, and a private bathroom with a shower, a cupboard and toilets.

Family P. likes to share experiences and to spend time with the student, they also appreciate if the host prefers to keep his independence.

Wifi is available in the house.

Many shops, bars and restaurants nearby.

The house is 15 minutes walk from Croix-Rousse district, 5 minutes walk from “Hénon” subway stop, and 50 meters from the C18 “Croix-Rousse Nord” bus stop.

For reasons of confidentiality, we cannot publish pictures of the family and the house front. If you are interested by the family, we can send you pictures once the contact established. 



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