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More homestays available than the ones you can check on our website.

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The 4th district of Lyon and the plateau of the Croix Rousse are well-known for their traboules (passageways), its market, its artists and the history related to silk. This neighborhood is very popular with students since the atmosphere is friendly and slightly bohemian. The only issue is climbing as one cannot be afraid of going up several steps when the subway service ends around midnight!

Lyon 4, Boulevard de la Croix Rousse, Family T

François-Xavier, 55, is retired, Christine, 53 is a teacher. The are married, catholics and have...

Boulevard de la Croix-Rousse, Lyon, France, 4th district

Lyon 4, Rue Dumont D’Urville, Family H.

Jean François & Laurence is a married couple who live in the 4th district of...

Rue Dumont d'Urville, Lyon, France, 4th district

LYON 4, rue des Nuits, Croix-Rousse, Family A.

Gustavo, 52 years old, is a technical director, Maria Carmen is a secretary. They are...

Rue de Nuits, Lyon, France, 4th district