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More homestays available than the ones you can check on our website.

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The 5th district of Lyon represents the historical part of the city with its distinct neighborhoods such as Saint-Jean and its cathedral, Saint Paul and Saint Georges which are categorized as ‘Old city’, Saint Just, Fourvière and the Basilica which dominates and protects the city. There are still several traces of the city’s roman past, in particular the Gallo-Roman theatre. This area is very touristy and possesses an Italian renaissance feel with its passageways. It can be a very pleasant lifestyle as long as you do not mind animated nightlife or using stairs regularly as not many elevators exist in the buildings here. Also, it is easier not to have a car as parking is difficult.

Lyon 5, Montée de Choulans, Family R

Family R. lives in a lovely housing estate in the 5th district of Lyon, very...

Montée de Choulans, Lyon, France, 5th district

Lyon 5, Rue des Tourelles, Family M.

Family M. is a single mother; she has three children but only her 20 year...

Rue des Tourelles, Lyon, France, 5th district

Lyon 5, Rue du Docteur Edmond Locard, Family L.

Family L. lives in a cosy apartment in the 5th district in a residential &...

Rue du Dr Edmond Locard Lyon , 5th district

Lyon 5, Quai Fulchiron, Famille S

Family S is a family with two parents. They have two children, and a very...

Quai Fulchiron, Lyon, France, 5th district

Lyon 5, Rue de Tourvielle, Family C.

Christophe is a 50 years old computer engineer and his wife, Anne,  is a environmental...

Rue de Tourvielle, Lyon, France, 5th district

Lyon 5, Old Town, rue Tramassac, Family L.

Family L. is a welcoming family with a cute cat and a nice fish !...

Rue Tramassac, Lyon, France, 5th district

Lyon 5, rue de l’Oiseau Blanc, family H

Cyrille is 53 works for SFR mobile phone company, Aude, 50, works for University Lyon 2...

Rue de l'Oiseau Blanc, Lyon, France, 5th district

Lyon 5, quai Pierre Scize, Family A.

Jean-François will be happy to welcome you in his nice flat in the city center...

Quai de Pierre-Scize, Lyon, France, 5th district

Lyon 5, rue des Fossés de Trion, Chantal

Chantal is 55, she is a secretary. She is separated. She has 2 grown-up children...

Rue des Fossés de Trion, Lyon, France, 5th district

Lyon 5e, Rue Commandant Charcot, Family B.

Family B is a married couple with four children : only one child lives with...

Rue Commandant Charcot, Lyon, France, 5th district